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We have had a very good response from our clients after our launch of ‘ Hotel Solution V 1.0 in 2003 as years come along we have gain more experience in working with the luxury resorts and hotels now.

Online Reservation Resources :

We are proudly to present our new ‘ Hotel Solution V 2.0 this system will increase your hotel reservation ability including more options in order to give you a completely modern reservation system and the most important is giving you the ability to manage your reservation system to its most efficiency.

Our system running 24 hours a day 365 days a year suitable for all size of hotel either your hotel has 5 rooms’ accommodation or more than 100 rooms.

Hotel Solution V 2.0 helps you to get your reservation system at its most efficiency because you can specify room availability, assess rooms (can be in many categories such as package rates, last minutes rates, etc), also can define the reservation deposit by yourself.

The guests also will know immediately whether hotel has the room available for them or not according the automatic email will be sent to guests in every reservation process.

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